Many of the things we love are known to be cultivated best in specific regions around the world. Climate and production methods have much to do with this.  The best sparkling wines come from Champagne, France; Avocados from California have an unbeatable flavor; Georgia peaches are the sweetest.  Fresh roses are no different. The best roses in the world come from Ecuador!

Largest Rose Head Sizes 

We all love big blooms, right?  Ecuador boasts the fullest rose heads in the world. In fact, Ecuadorian rose heads measure up to 2 inches larger in diameter than roses grown in other countries. The stems themselves can grow to over 5-feet tall!

Take a look at this comparison of bloom size between other regions of the world and Ecuador. The difference is quite notable!

Ideal Growing Conditions

We can thank the climate and elevation of Ecuador for creating the perfect environment for roses to thrive. The country is located on the equator, which means there are 12 hours of daylight and consistent temperatures everyday of the year. Normally, we associate countries on the equator as being hot and filled with tropical jungles. These areas do exist in Ecuador but thanks to the andes mountains, there are higher altitude zones offering consistent rainfall and cool temperatures perfect for rose cultivation.

The province of Pichincha (cool name, right?) is the primary region roses are grown in Ecuador. Farms are located in the foothills of the andes mountains between 9,200 and 10,000 feet above sea level. The higher elevation and cooler temperatures slow the the development of the roses. This means the rose plants have more time to grow their stems resulting in a gorgeous long stemmed rose irreplicable anywhere else.

Longest Lasting Roses Are Ecuadorian

You can expect a longer vase life from Ecuadorian Roses. The flowers are stronger and stems thicker thanks to the longer development and growth times from the higher elevation and cooler temperatures.

Wide Selection of Vibrant Colors

There are over 500 different rose varieties grown in Ecuador in almost any color imaginable. Natural roses include multiple shades of white, red, pink, yellow, green, lavender, purple, and orange. Bi-colored roses grow exceptionally well in Ecuador due to the colder temperatures at night which allow for changing tones along the outer edges and inner half of the petals.

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